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Bhakti Devotion

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Altaquota is flying high through yoga philosophy, with thoughts, ideals and lifestyles as the great and true enlightened Masters taught us and, at the same time, going deeper into the experience of music, in its highest expression, where melody becomes transcendental vibration and where song and sound are a path towards the Divinity.

Altaquota means “high altitude”, which is also a typical expression in mountain climbing: a place which always gives enthusiasts high emotions. At high altitude you can breathe nature and silence. Here great spaces and majestic landscapes bring the individual back into his/her real

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dimension, where sense of purity can be found in the surrounding elements. Passion for mountains and their crystal forms can be a way to inner research, basing upon yoga philosophy, which was born in the East at the foot of the great Himalayan peaks. This very ancient discipline developed by the experience of individuals who achieved the peaks of introspection and self-realization and contemplated reality from transcendental worlds, has been transmitted as path or way to be followed to those who feel the instinct are brave enough to destroy the borders of egocentricity and long for merging with the highest divine energy following the footsteps of the preceding Masters.


Yoga is therefore union, identification with the Whole. Here is the total healing of the individual, at all levels. So the words of wisdom of the great Masters come to us and join with our hands to guide in the path they have walked. They are offering themselves as guides for those who decided to take the path of inner change. Masters revealed the importance of purification techniques as asanas, pranayama, mantra yoga, nadayoga and bhaktiyoga. These practices are crucial to awaken nobler and higher talents which are dormant inside us. They allow activation of consciousness codes which we all own. These qualities are normally snoozing in the oblivion and absent-mindedness of all minds fallen into Maya mesh, the cosmic illusion, which, with its constant and cutting action, creates a hall of mirror and makes individuals believe they are limited and defined by physical matter. Liberation from lethargy and inferiority allows resuscitation of the warrior of light inside


every individual who, with a heart which is noble and generous but uncompromising to fight inner weakness, redeems himself/herself and claims his/her divine lineage, thus conquering heavenly kingdom, the seat and origin of any strength in the universe. This is the awareness leading us to take this path, practising the rules of the wise Patanjali: the first of the seven steps towards self-realization he created. These are the basis of the whole spiritual way: yama nyama, which are the behavioural models to be followed in the individual ethics and in the relationship with the others. With this practice and the other techniques, we can emancipate our lives and transform ourselves from simple mammal which we were born into divine and angelic creatures, thus achieving the true scope of our lives.